The Ahi Assassin’s

 Taking the scenic route can lead to many interesting discoveries like the hand painted sign down from He’eia Harbor in Kahalu’u that says fresh ahi. I pay attention to those kind of things especially when it comes to food. Pulling up into the driveway, I get out and wait my turn till Josh serves up the catch of the day. I came just in time as he’s putting old ahi carcases in a plastic garbage can (he recycles it as fish food) and pulls out whole mahimahi from the ice chest. I get to watch an expert skin and fillet a mahimahi a complex procedure and Josh makes it look easy. Apparently they gut the fish at sea and place them immediately on ice. All his fish are line caught and he has pulled in as much as 3,000 pounds. He shows me his boat and I cant believe he  catches all that fish on this little boat. Then he explains that its just a prop to serve up fresh poke at special events. He points to the back and there sits a sleek hulled beauty.  We get to talking about fish and facebook postings and the next thing I know I’m buying a couple pounds of ahi, aku and mahimahi. We had super sashimi (aku is my favorite) for 4 nights in a row. Nothing like fresh fish right from the boat or as they say F.O.B. Next time you’re cruisin Kam Hwy through Kahalu’u look for the signs on the mauka side you won’t be disappointed. (see Killer Eats for sashimi flicks)


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  1. Dawnie says:

    Their Poke is bomb!

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