Honolulu Hot Rods

The Banana Wagon

 While streakin’ like a mad man into the office, I spotted this beauty at the gas station. Its a 1950 Chevy that was customized in Hilo to carry bananas. I don’t know how many of these there are around but it was super cherry.





49 Chevy Pick Up

 Strolling into the HK Costco, this tricked out Chevy 3100 pick up was parked in the front row. I’m not sure if it is a 49 as Chevy made the 5 window model an option in different years.




65 Comet Wagon

 While trying to evade the perpetual construction and the ensuing traffic on Ward St., I ran into this very clean Mercury Comet station wagon.





52 Buick Super Eight

 It seems like, recently, short cuts have been providing some great opportunities to see some classic machines. Technically not a hod rod, this ultra-cool 52 Buick Super was spotted trying to avoid the HK madness on Aloha Friday. Although it’s stock, the car looks like a custom rod. This model 56R was called a Riviera and featured a 263 cubic inch straight eight that produced about 112 hp.


65 El Camino

 You know cars have to be too expensive if they sit out with a 4 Sale sign for over 2 months. This 65 El Co caught my eye a couple months ago and one day we just had to stop and check it out. It is really a nicely done rod.



33 Pontiac

 As fate would have it, I was late for work and trying to hustle into town when I passed this killer blue metal flake rod. I strained my neck as I zoomed by and saw this dude wiping down the engine. I couldn’t resist. I made my next right and came around the block and pulled up to this very unique ride.




29 Ford “Lil Red”

 You never know or when you’ll run into a hot rodder. Call it coincidence or synchronicity, but while having a totally unrelated conversation with Bob, I happened to notice a brand new copy of “Hot Rod Magazine” sitting on his desk.



56 Chevy

 Once again my lucky gas station turned up another amazing classic 50’s Chevy. This time it was a cherry 1956 Bel Air. The car was super clean and exemplified the title “super stock”. From the throaty sound, you knew that it had a hot mill and the mag wheels put the rubber on the road but everything else looked like it came off the showroom floor.


DeTomaso Pantera

 One of my childhood favorites, the DeTomaso Pantera combined Italian exotic design with U.S. power and reliability. Some time ago I spotted this beauty in Fishers in Kakaako and then again driving down the Pali one morning. Panteras featured the legendary Ford 351 “Cleveland” engine.


MBZ 190 SL

 Although not technically a “hot rod” by any stretch of the imagination, this 190 SL is a really cool, classic sports car. The 190 SL was the kid brother to the legendary 300 SL of gull wing fame. The lines are similar and the styling almost as elegant but the 190 SL is in a class all its own. This daily driver was spotted in a parking lot in Chinatown one Sunday afternoon.


57 Chevy Wagon

 You can’t help turning your head when you see this super clean 57 Chevy Wagon cruising down Kalanianiole. Featuring the original coral and white 2 tone paint job, this local ride has the classic license plate and registration stickers intact. A 283 with an Edelbrock 4 barrel pushes this thing right along.


Drive By’s

 Here are some of the mean machines driving around Oahu.