Killer Eats

Sushi Roll

 These home made sushi rolls are simple and easy to make. The key, as in any good meal, is in the ingredients. We use brown rice cooked with salt, oil and garlic. Once the rice is done, its important to let it cool before you start to roll.


Home Fried Potatoes

 This is the quick version of home fries for all you busy people out there. They really should be called home “steamed” potatoes but that sounds too “steampunky” or trendy. The value of this technique is that it is very healthy and takes a lot less time than actually frying them.

Apple Crisp

 Apple crisp was a perennial favorite. Our neighbor had a 5 acre apple orchard so we were free to pick ground falls and when we helped harvest we would get 50lbs. burlap  bags of them for free. Needless to say we made as many variations on apple recipes as we could from apple sauce to canned apples, apple cider, apple soup, apple pie, apple shish-ka-bob and dried apples.


Oatmeal Cookies

 This is the ultimate health cookie and total crowd pleaser. I was making them vegan but couldn’t get the cookies to stay together after they cooled so I went back to a traditional recipe. Great on a rainy day, surf safari, cross country ski trip, Sunday brunch or movie night at the casa.




Breakfast Tacos






Quinoa Salad


Oatmeal Cookies