Sushi Roll

 These home made sushi rolls are simple and easy to make. The key, as in any good meal, is in the ingredients. We use brown rice cooked with salt, oil and garlic. Once the rice is done, its important to let it cool before you start to roll. We also use our fresh fish leftover from sashimi (more on that later) and lightly grill it with lemon, garlic, salt and pepper. (You can use either grilled fish or raw depending on what you like.) First,  layout the nori sheet and spoon some rice on to one end. Once you have a goodly amount of rice on the nori (about 4 tablespoons) use a cucumber spear to form it into a nice block. Then take your fish and break it up into small pieces that fit across the rice. Once you get your fish on, then you can start adding the veggies. We like cucumbers because they don’t overpower the fish and they’re crunchy without being too hard to bite through. Alfalfa sprouts are also very killer for that light, nutritious crunch after you break through the nori. Once you have your nori sheet¬† loaded with sprouts, fish and cucumber (or whatever else you like) its time to roll. This is the fun part. It seems slightly illegal and the veritable size of it reminds me of frat parties in Boulder or my vacation to Ochos Rios. Anyhow, don’t worry if you don’t “get it right” and things fall out the side, just try  to keep the roll tight and you’ll be fine. Once you’ve finished rolling cut the roll in manageable pieces and serve with wasabi/tamari sauce. Try to get the organic tamari or at least a product that is made in Japan to stay GMO free. Follow the easy to do photos and you’ll be an expert in no time. (Click of photos for larger image)



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