Home Fried Potatoes

 This is the quick version of home fries for all you busy people out there. They really should be called home “steamed” potatoes but that sounds too weird or trendy. The value of this technique is that it is very healthy and takes a lot less time than actually frying them. Cut your potatoes in half and then in slices and then dice them. Drop them in a steamer basket and away they go. Next thinly  slice onions, garlic and red peppers (optional) and saute in a cast iron skillet. I like to slice the garlic gloves with the skins on  because it makes it so much easier to peel. (cut off end and then slice) I like to add fresh rosemary to the oil in the skillet before I add the veggies. Once the veggies are sauteed, add the steamed potatoes. Here is when you can spice them up with salt, cayenne pepper and cumin. You can grill them and get them crispy at this stage or if you have a ravenous brood clamoring for food serve them up with eggs and organic ketchup. Perfect for weekend mornings. (Click on photo to enlarge image)



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