MBZ 190 SL

 Although not technically a “hot rod” by any strech of the imagination, this 190 SL is a really cool, classic sports car. The 190 SL was the kid brother to the legendary 300 SL of gull wing fame. The lines are similar and the styling almost as elegant but the 190 SL is in a class all its own. This daily driver was spotted in a parking lot in Chinatown one Sunday afternoon. The 190 SL is a true classic and was built between 1955 and 1962. It featured a four cylinder 140 hp engine with 2 Solex carburetors and a manual 4 on the floor. The suspension mimics the 300 SL and is a double wish bone at the front with swing axles in the rear, making it a strong handler. I distinctly remember seeing my first 300 SL gullwing at Watkins Glen in 64. I immediately recognized classic styling and design which is echoed in this beautiful 190 SL.



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