56 Chevy

 Once again my lucky gas station turned up another amazing classic 50’s Chevy. This time it was a cherry 1956 Bel Air. The car was super clean and exemplified the title “super stock”. From the throaty sound, you knew that it had a hot mill and the mag wheels put the rubber on the road but everything else looked like it came off the  showroom floor. The car just moved back from the mainland and it was its first day in Hawaii. The 56 Bel Air was the second generation of Bel Airs, the first generation was from 1950 to 54. ( I was the proud owner of a 54 Bel Air that I paid $25.00 bucks for to my mom’s friend’s mother. Not as cool as a 56 but what a deal) The 56’s featured a Ferrari inspired grille that was a hold over from the 55’s. There were 128,000 two door hard tops that rolled off the GM production line in 1956 and a brand new two door sedan cost $2,025.00, which is about $17,000.00 in today’s money. Thanks to the gracious owner who allowed me to snap a few flix before he got his safety check.



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